Thursday, March 27, 2008

Art Opening: Scott Yeskel April 3rd Laguna Beach

One of my favorite painters Scott Yeskel is getting ready for the First Thursday Opening in Laguna Beach. More of his yummy Los Angeles Scapes will be hung at Sue Greenwood Fine Art. Opening reception is Thursday April 3rd from 6-9pm.

I've been following Scott's work for about the last five years or so after I saw him at an art walk downtown. The thing I love most about Scott's work is this dreamy, yet desolate feeling of suburbia. Somehow he's able to capture the spaces in between -the LA homes you see on TV and in mags and the reality of what our stucco-suburbia really looks like. You can almost see the leased Mercedes outside the Hollywood studio apartment.

[If you're not from LA let me explain that "your ride" is everything and it is not uncommon driving around the inners of Hollywood and LA to see a place that looks like a 70's box-o-shite studio apartment with a sparkily 40k car in it's carport. To live in this city and party with the big dogs you gotta look the part...obviously my 11yr old Honda CRV isn't getting me A-listed at Teddy's any time soon.]

Sigh...Once again I'm so sad I didn't buy one of his pieces before he was rep'd by a big time gallery. I should jump on what I love when I see it first because 5 years from now it will triple in price.

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