Friday, March 14, 2008

Stalking Stars & Creepy Looking Men

I have some confessions to make, I think I'm ahhhemmm ready to talk about them out loud. I really dig on "interesting" looking men & I randomly email famous people if I get the chance. Now these are two separate items, yet come together in a odd way with Vincent Gallo.

But first I should go a little backwards to explain my "interesting men". For instance some of my crazy looking crushes of past have been Rob Zombie, or Benicio Del Toro [who my mom said "who is that guy who looks like an axe murderer?"] Henry Rollins, Chris Cornell of Soundgarden [who is normal-looking for this group]. I can appreciate Brad Pitt and real cutie-pies but there is just something dark and dangerous about men who aren't average looking. I generally admire men with "big features" as one of my friends described it. I guess so.

So back to stalking stars... I have emailed and received emails from some of my crushes [ok, one that I can remember/Henry Rollins]. I don't do it often but if I'm clicking around the web...and there is an email I send a little notes like: "I think you're really handsome-have a nice day!" a sort of email-and-dash sort of deal. I don't expect anything nor do I want anything I think it's fun and funny.

About a month ago I was keeping up with videos of NYC fashion week and Vincent Gallo was all over the place on video, pictures etc. He's the perfect creepy looking guy - looks like an axe murderer, would scare my shit out my mom...perfect! I google him because I have no idea who he is and what he does. Turns out he has a website, he's been in some movies, is a musician of some sort, and NYC boy hooked up with Anna Sui apparently because he seemed to know her and her work quiet well.

So while I'm clicking around his site there is a "email Vincent" link. I mean was calling my name for a cute-n-dash email so I did. Here is an excerpt of what I wrote:

"just a note to say: I just think you're handsome.
Thought I would send you a note to say so. Because at
the end of our day, we all like to know that someone
out in the world has a crush on us and your email was
just THERE."

and a couple hours later he emailed me back...and asked for a photo..."because he likes to see the people who write him". I emailed back and said wasn't about that it was just suppose to be a nice thing for your day....he wrote back again and said it wasn't about that either he just likes to see people's faces...

so I pondered it, but instead I sent him my X-Ray photo of my spine/ with all my surgery metal in it...he replied again "your face please".

I don't know why but I have an aversion to having my face on the web [though I'm warming up to the idea], through wires ect so I didn't email him back. I hope he forgives me. It was a fun and humorous exchange.

Now if I can only get John Mayer to reply I would be so incredibly happy. I would imagine my boyfriend would have issues with that email though since he's at the top of my list of "free pass ass" which SGM is doing a large posting about coming up very soon.


Anne said...

Very brave, Richele. Yeah, I've seen "Vincent" here and there before. I saw a movie that he an Christina Ricci were in some years back - very indie. He is definitely handsome in a creepy way.


SGM said...

holy shit, richie! that's kind of creepy yet kind of cool.
Actually, it's creepy. ;) Do tell if he emails again.

Richie Designs said...

there was a third commentor but it dropped off when I posted them. So again and I'll put it up!

karey m. said...

i am DYING! this took rocks...and that back-and-forth about the pic?! with the x-ray?!

big. fan. of. you.