Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A giant cupcake to offer the universe

Call it residual PMS or something I'm not sure but lately I've just felt MEAN. Like, drive-over-people-in-my-car mean. Scream profanities-at-asshole-people mean. Type-before-I-think-about-it mean [the most deadly].

Sunday, I went for a walk and almost ended up in a fist fight with a guy who tried to hit me with his car [after he ran a stop sign]. I have felt evil and thought evil things about others. It doesn't feel good to be this person and I'm resolving myself to step out of the hate and into the "cupcakeness" of life. [ BTW I do have one freebie... if I find that guy again in the car, I will have to pull out the mean card...he was an asshole and actually swerved at me because I was going with the flow of traffic, while he ran the stop sign]

I am so grateful of everything I have and all the creative endevors that have been handed to me in the past 6 months. I need to be nicer. So here ya go universe. A great big yummy cupcake I hope you forgive me. Here is my first offering of kindness in a few weeks.

image via flickr burnt sugar.

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