Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Melody Gardot

I heard an interview with this singer last weekend on NPR. After a serious bicycle accident she used music as therapy and stumbled into an amazing career. If you like Ella Fitzgerld singer songwriter types this girl is your ticket. Her best song "Some Lessons" I couldn't find to post for you - in her interview she said she doesn't care to play it much as it was the song about her accident. I can say It's definitely worth the 99 cents on itunes.

There are also two of her songs on the NPR page.

from her interview on NPR:

Since the accident, Gardot has struggled with short-term memory loss, which forces her to write and record compositions before she forgets them. Furthermore, her heightened sensitivity to light and sound — which, despite hearing devices and sunglasses — makes performing somewhat difficult. But she says she still finds it enjoyable.

"To be honest with you, being on stage and performing is the 30, 40, 50 minutes of the most pleasurable experience that I have," Gardot says. "Because it's during that time that I don't really feel any pain. I think it's transcendental, and I also think it's kind of like when you have a headache, and someone punches you in the stomach, you forget all about your head."

She hasn't forgotten about her good fortune, though.

"I'm not one to wake up in the morning and forget that," Gardot says. "I forget a lot of things, but I don't forget that."

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