Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What the *&^( is a Tumblr?

I thought I was pretty hip to the scene, today I saw that the Rodarte girls have a Tumblr. What in the sam-hill is that? I went to the page and I guess it's a scrap book? it's not a blog? is it really done by them or someone who's just a fan? these are the questions that I have this evening. These things are important, like finding a cure for the swine flu. Which, if you haven't been reading is going to kill us all this winter. So swine flu and leather leggings, you know you're always going to find something interesting here.

**apparently it's a blog platform - thanks wikipedia! next up swine!

so lets look at some pretty things. Last September's show I think or Spring who knows.

top image via Glamorous Little Side Project
last three images via Rodarte Tumblr

and just because. Remember my shoe card project I sent them that they hated? This illustration was one I was considering. It didn't get finished but I still kinda like it.

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Anonymous said...

I love that illustration, so gorgeous!