Friday, August 28, 2009

Mark Rothko on my back

I don't have any tattoos. I'm too art damaged to pick just one. What if I change my mind? What if I hate it in 5 years? But I've always said that when they can put a Mark Rothko on my back that I would consider it. Careful what you wish for.

Looks like Amanda over at Daredevil Tattoo in NYC has figured out how to make tattoos look like paint. I'm sure this isn't the first artist to be able to do this but it's the first I've seen of it. Hummm now I'm thinking....and my mom is going to fall out of her chair reading this. Just kidding [maybe]

this really is my favorite. But can you imagine? everyone would say hey you have paint on your arm.

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Jess said...

i'm not a big advocate of tattoos, but these are kind of fantastic.

Anonymous said...

These tattoos are fucking garbage. They will look like bruises and dirt in a few years because they don't have any significance whatsoever. Just because it looks "cool" on canvas, doesn't mean you're going to be as "cool" when they're on your skin. Learn about real tattoos, you douchebags.

Anonymous said...

And what's worse is, the link to the tattoo artist who did these actually has some really nice pieces in their portfolio.

awesomepants said...

Dear writer of the last anonymous comments,

WTF is YOUR animosity from? can you not appreciate any type of tattoos that aren't traditional? or maybe you can't appreciate modern art at all. get over yourself.

You say these won't have any "significance whatsoever" which is total bullshit. Plenty of tattoos don't have significance to their owners even if they are traditional or realistic in form. People get birds and flowers all the time just because they like the look of it, with little or no meaning attached. But "significance" is for the owner to decide anyways. A piece of art that you may not relate to on any level may be extremely moving and significant for somebody else.

I always find it ironic when tattoo-lovers, who in the past have been shunned from mainstream society for being different or odd, start to hate on other people because they consider them to be different or odd. Hypocrites.

You say for these people to learn about "real" tattoos. Maybe you need to learn about "real" art, douchebag.

Anonymous said...

I adore this American English - it's just like in the films 'douchebag' kkkkkkkk.

Emma said...

I cpompletely agree with anonymous, I mean, if it's not a wolf and moon, or a rendering of hokusai's wave with a bunch of lotus blossoms, or a sleeve of stars, or chinese text it's not actually a tattoo.

Fact: unless a tattoo is one of any of the above things it doesn't have any meaning or aesthetic appeal to it whatsoever.


Troll is annoying.

(I know this comment is super after the fact but that anonymous guy was terribly aggravating. Reall cool tattoos ;))