Tuesday, August 25, 2009

a couple of things of note

in case you've had your eye on something Katie is having a blow out sale. Be careful though, it's final sale. No returns! I sadly gave away a pair of the cutest silver sandals just a couple weeks ago from this same sale - last summer they didn't fit and I was stuck.

Did I mention my hair is getting curlier as I get older? I don't have time to battle it anymore. I just got my hair cut and realized just a second ago that it kinda looks like Andie's hair in four weddings and a funeral. Not a horrible thing just getting use to it.

I generally pick up my skin goods over at Macys, well because I have a card there. But I had a gift certificate over at Nordstrom's this time and guess what? Nordies has a program with Clarins that if you buy 10 products in a year you get anything you want for free. REALLY? what have I been doing all this time? This rocks the house down. I can't find anything about it on their site. I think you have to go in and register for it at the counter. They keep track via a member card and then at the end Clarins ships you your goodie.

This is all. Just thought you would like to know.


Anonymous said...

That lotus oil saved my face in high school. love it. good luck with the mane!

The Lil Bee said...

The Kate sales remind me of my early 20s...I used to mark them on my calendar and count off the days until they arrived. Scored many a great bag and shoe:)

PS I love that invite!