Sunday, August 23, 2009

shopping frenzy

Saturday, I knew we were in for a full day of shopping. The boyfriend starts his hospital "residency" Monday. He said get ready because he needed enough clothes to get him through 6 days on, 1 day off at the hospital. He's on a tight budget so I was prepared to get my budget shopping on. I'm super good at this but it just takes some time and effort. So we started the day with an eye exam because all that studying is putting a strain on his eyes. Sears of all places...$55

We ended up getting his frames at a high end shop because his face is hard to fit.Salt Optics super cutie Clark Kent style. Man, does he look like a smarty pants! Sadly we had to pay full price for these babies.

Definitely the best deal of the day, and at our last stop I might add. We had a conversation in the car ride over there that what he really needed was a good pair of wing tips. I think my grandpa heard us talking up there, because he and Grandpa are like two peas in a pod...Grandpa was a wingtip man himself. I think he sent us this AWESOME pair just because we asked [there was not one more pair like them, perfect size - too freaky if you ask me] wingtips from the Cole Haan Collection [were $400 we got them for $99!] at Marshall's

I've tried to like Kohls but we never jive. Chris kept coming home with these really nice looking things and found these slim cut pants and dress shirts that fit him like a million bucks. Granted they won't last a lifetime but if someone barfs or bleeds on him it won't be a big deal. I think we got him 4 pair of pants and 5 shirts and a gob of socks for $150 or something ridiculously cheap

Lastly ties. He is a one picky guy about his ties. Goes back to his big corporate days when it was nothin' but the best. He said you can spot a cheap tie a mile away. I trust him on this. I mean, cheap looking shoes ruin a girl's day right? Marshalls, we found 5 to go with his ensembles. All really beautiful and super-duper stylie looking. Nothin' over 15.99$ total score.

This is not his tie, but we found something similar at Marshalls on the clearance rack for $10!

and yes, I made him give me a fashion show when we got home. I told him damn, honey you look gooooood and you look like you know what you're doing. Which if you ask me, is half the battle. Well, maybe in this case it's not. He's got the smarts to back it up though.

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Petunia Face said...

I have the same relationship with Kohl's. I wish we could be better friends, but it is simply not meant to be.