Monday, December 15, 2008

A week of gift ideas Day 2: The Dude

For the manly man.

Do you follow the Satoralist [see Those Shoes]? He's been showing some of these guys lately. I think it's sort of funny since my guy has been the plaid, Red Wing guy forever.Red Wing Boots JCrew.

Speaking of Dude how about some plaid?:

Filson is another company my guy turned me onto and that I've been seeing mentioned in men's fashion lately. During his days as a fly-fishing guide this was the stuff that really worked and lasted forever. Their wool is unbelievably soft and beautiful. This western style shirt is super cute on him with cuffed jeans, a tee and some converse. On Super Sale right now too $78 I bought my dad one of their wool shirts last year for his birthday and his testament to the quality was "hey, it feels nice and all the plaids match up" Gotta love dad!


It's effin' cold out there folks! [I say as it just hit 60 degrees here] PJ's RULE. He's going to tell you he doesn't need or want them. Then, he'll totally wear em' and you'll have to pry them out of his dirty little paws in 5 days to get them to the washer. Target has a smokin' deal $14.99 on sets available in store.

I mean please. How can you go wrong with a gray v-neck sweater on any guy? perfect for any man from funky to conservative, to Dad to brother. I think Gray is the perfect non-color as well. May I suggest Merino wool? totally wears well, and last a long time. Look for the high V on the neck.


franki durbin said...

I have dropped more cash on fabulous wool & cashmere sweaters for my guy... he just doesn't love them like I do. But I so agree with you... HOW can you go wrong with a gray v-neck?

Retliza said...

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