Sunday, December 14, 2008

A week of gift ideas Day 1: The Foodie

Day 1: The Foodie

A Day At El Bulli You may have not heard of El Bulli but if you have a foodie to gift this season, he or she has.

Worldly known as the best chef and restaurant in the world. Spain's El Bulli Restaurant headed by Chef Ferran Adria has reservation requests topping 2 million, with only 8,000 spots available. You do the math, not so likely you and I will get in. This super chunky book has pics of the staff, menus and prep along with info about the day to day workings of The best in fine dining.
$32.97 via Amazon

via Publishers Weekly:
An enormous undertaking, this monumental tome, complete with more than 1,000 photographs, chronicles one day at revolutionary eatery elBulli in northern Spain, arguably one of today's most influential restaurants. Adria, the culinary genius behind this success, along with restaurant manager Soler and brother and fellow chef Albert give the reader a firsthand look at day-to-day activities and the innovation for which elBulli is known. Lavish photographs are the main attraction in this work; text is sparse and offers only glimpses into activities. While there is an examination of the team's creative methods, most topics are only touched upon briefly, such as creative sessions, testing and utilizing a mental palate. Given the highly technical nature of the dishes served at elBulli, recipes (Pine Nut Marshmallows; Steamed Brioche with Rose-scented Mozzarella) are rare. A glance behind the scenes at a pivotal time and place in culinary evolution, this book will delight serious foodies, and its stunning package guarantees it will grace many a coffee table. (Oct.) --Publishers Weekly

Other ideas for your foodie
subscription to Wine Spectator or a cities Michelin Guide $11.53

Send them a mountain of cheese:

My dad who's a cheddar man to the core, recently said I got him hooked on a cheese from Zingerman's when I sent a B-Day gift treat one year. I love this company not only for their foods but for their business practices. Employees become part owners and part of the foods they offer are grown from local farms or sourced from local dairys.

The mountain of cheese is a gift boxed collection of cheeses from Switzerland, northern Italy and wherever mountain style cheesemaking thrives. $75. They also have kits from France, and A cheese of the Month club.

Or perhaps you could send a "loving heart attack in a box"Go ahead you know you wanna.
Praise the Lard box. When bacon just isn't enough. $75
Bacon of the month club $99 [3 months] or 6 months $180 when bacon, is all you need.

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