Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Tag

Capturing the Seven and Lucky Seven Cat Ranch tagged me to do the 6 things -dealio. This is perfect because I had nothing to write about tonight so here ya go: 6 mundane things you may not know about me.

1. I'm horrible with technology and kinda afraid of it really.
I have no idea how I ended up blogging or writing for Apartment Therapy way back when. Computers and all their stuff freak me out. I use them because I have to. I can do it, but it takes me a really long time and I lose brain cells every minute I have to play the IT person at my office or fix and repair the many printers we have that freak out on a regular basis. Somehow I got relegated to that roll unofficially. Speaking of...can anyone help me figure out how to rehook up my Google analyics? I updated my site in Sept and I lost everything. I'll totally send you a prize in the mail if you make it work. Yes, I added the code but nada. Check out my Google graph above Snazzy hu?

2.I dream of doing invites to fashion shows: right now I'm obsessed with Rodarte who are a Los Angeles sister duo.
I do these wedding invites [which I love] and such, as you may see occassionally pop up here. But my super big dream is to do a invite for a major fashion house's runway show. I love fashion so much, and this is the way I see myself having this mini link to what they do. I have an idea that I'm working on currently so I'm working on making this dream a reality.

I am the black, art sheep of my family
3. I was mentioning this to a long time girlfriend the other day and she was surprised to learn that most of the women in my family own their own guns. My mom, aunt and grandma [although she's too old to do so now] all own their own rifles and go deer hunting every year. My family are hunters in general: duck, pheasant, deer ect. I'm the artsy-fartsy one that wanted to rent the movies with subtitles and go to the ballet. They never knew what to do with me.

4. I really, really want to learn to speak French.
Dunno why...just do. I haven't done a damn thing about it though, probably because I'm afraid I can't do it. I cheated my way through Spanish in high school so odds are it's going to be a hard road. Me and memorization...not so good together.

5. I'm turning 40 next May.
My goal is to get carded sometime next year. I know this is really dumb in the spectrum of things but I've put a lot of time and money into keeping the wrinkles at bay with SPF everyday and my obsessive Clairins habit [nothing else!]. I still get carded now and again but must's been a few months at this point.

6. I keep my fingernails really short.
In highschool I use to be obsessed with long fingernails. They were a full time project painting every day, filing etc. One day I saw a guy friend of mine with a long pinky nail and the reality of what fingernails are really grossed me out. I cut them all off and have kept them properly short ever since. But, since then, I have a hard time wearing anything but a pale pink or clear on my hands, I end up feeling like a hooker...but my toes? Bring on the red.

7. And a bonus just because it's funny:
Starting in the 3rd grade probably through the 6th, I use to curl my hair in giant feathered wings [remember those?] and because I wanted my hair to stay perfect all day long I would spray on gobs of hairspray. So much so, that when the wing caught my hair on the playground the wings would stand out at attention from my head. Funny enough, I don't even use hairspray any more. Can you imagine a giving a third grader a curling iron? Lordie, I wanted to be 15 from the time I was born.


Who Sees the Seven said...

You just gave me flashbacks to the 5th and 6th grade also; up early enough to have time to preheat the curling iron and go to work on those BANGS of mine. And then of course cover them in enough hairspray so even the strongest New England winter wind couldn't destroy them while waiting at the bus stop.

Petunia Face said...

Woah, hold up. You're turning 40 this Spring? The photo of you on your profile looks like you're 28. You look awesome. What's your secret???

Richie Designs said...

The secret....Tons of SPF every single day since about age 18.

Clarins skin care stuff...
Most notably their night "oil" which I'm convinced is a miracle in a jar. You just have to get use to the idea of putting oil on your skin.

In the spectrum of skin care jars it's not horribly priced about $ lasts me about 5-6 months.

I got carded yesterday btw for beer at the grocery.
only 6 mo left till I hit my target ;)!!

karey m. said...

oh, i love the pic of you in that red maillot!

french? i still want to play the in a massive concert where the whole place is there to see me.

i would also like to learn to dunk a basketball like michael jordan.

but rodarte? and the show invites? you could totally work this one. i just know it.

{catching up after being unplugged. this was a nice bit of time i spent here. xoxo.}