Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I've lost my gift mojo

I've been known to give good gift. I didn't realize I was a good gift giver until I lived with my friend April and she pointed it out to me. I just thought I paid attention. She said I was different than most, which is great, I mean, I guess, to be known for that sort of thing. She of course felt stressed that she had to reciprocate and then this thing that came naturally to me, became a OMG I have to think of something better than last year. It's not her fault, it's the over-achiever in me. This year for her birthday I totally choked and all I could muster up was a pair of earrings. They were pretty, hand pounded, silver earrings, but just earrings. It made me sad that my mojo officially left the building.

[Big Jim was a sentimental childhood toy of a guy I dated, he was stunned I found it and that I remembered. I even managed to find it in a box in Spanish which was his native language. ]

Previously, I've been known to scour Ebay for vintage toys because someone mentioned a special toy they had as a child, buy someone an ipod and steal their CD's to load them up prior to wrapping, often they weren't large gifts but I attempted to put a lot of thought into them things like a "date kit" complete with labeled box gift certificates for dinner and a movie [babysitting if needed], Movie kits with Jiffy Pop and favorite DVD's. The Diva Kit which is great for girlfriends [works great on birthdays too] complete with red lipstick, fishnets and various other treats. I was big on kits.

[Jiffy Pop is cute but individual microwave bags are better unless you have kids to do the work]

I think I used up all my good ideas. All I can form together right now are chinos from JCrew for C. this Christmas. Chinos? are you kidding me? That's IT. That's all I've got right now. He's to blame if you ask me. The man never wants for anything. He's not one of those people who talks about "stuff". He lives simply, maybe covets a shirt here or there but that's about it. I need a "I wish I had blah, blah, blah" mention in September or even July to file away. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

[The last good gift I gave him, which was pretty awesome really, was a surf board he'd been coveting since the day I met him.]

I have to begin my shopping this weekend. Things have to be packed and shipped for the rest of the families and I have no friggin idea what I'm doing. Mojo please come back I need you.

How about you? Gifts? And don't tell me you're done.


karey m. said...

i give awesome gifts when no one's looking...but tell me that i need to have something for you on a certain day, like...christmas?!

i freak. overthink. and then tank terribly.

{jesus! even my word verification is iamess. jesus.}


Who Sees the Seven said...

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