Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The best endorsement of a product - A dude's review

8:30am my cell phone rings Hi honey, what's going on? you never call me in the morning.

Chris: I keep forgetting to ask you what that lotion was that you left out for me to use.
Me: I didn't leave any lotion out for you to use.
Chris: Yah, the one you left on the counter.
Me: Well I left it on the counter, but yah ok, you can use it.
Chris: Yah my skin felt really nice afterwards, I thought it was just a fluke but now I don't have it and I can tell a difference.
Me: I TOLD you good skincare works!
Chris: I know, but where do I get it?
Me: You can get it at Target it's the new line by Loreal that I was trying out. It's the tube with the SPF20 in it.
Chris: It was SPF 15.
Me: Ok, whatever. Target, Loreal, Skin-something or was about 20$ which is kinda pricey for Loreal.
Chris: 20 bucks? forget it.
Me: Well if you noticed it enough to call me I think it's worth it. You should have good skincare products.
Chris: Yah, I guess so. We don't have to tell anyone about this conversation do we?
Me: Nope. Just me and you baby.

--There it is the official plug of the dude. It must work great if he actually called about it. I on the other hand, layer so much crap on my face I didn't notice anything different. Shhhh...don't tell him I spilled the beans. Apparently, he's not the only one. It got Allure's award for "Best Beauty Breakthrough October 2007"


karey m. said...

god..this actually makes me homesick. for target. and walking around aimlessly, buying $20 awesome lotions and a variety of assorted crap that i desperately need...but didn't realize until i saw it in target.

also, love your confidence-keeping abilities!

SGM said...

Funny! Yes, I love your confidence keeping abilities too. At least you didn't call him an f-tard. :)