Friday, April 11, 2008

Some random things to ponder

• Why is it that I feel fairly ok about what I look like until I go and try bathing suits on? I wanted to jump off a cliff last night at Target. And furthermore...why can I get a pair of underwear that fit my ass but not a bathing suit? Yo, swimsuit people...get it together! You did revolutionize the world by actually selling pieces separately... I'm pretty sure you can get a bottom to actually fit.

• You want to believe in amazing lives read this story "The best job I ever had"

• I'm off to this place for the weekend. Lets hope the kidney stones behave themselves.

this is the best birthday card for a man [or a boy for that matter]

• If anyone knows about a letterpress for sale in the Los Angeles area preferably a Vandercook Proof Press with auto inking I would be so grateful. Just putting it out there that I would like one for my garage...along with about a dozen other people.

enjoy the weekend!

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