Thursday, April 24, 2008

You too can be a cougar in only 2 hours!

Only in Los Angeles would there be a life coach teaching a class on how to be a "cougar" I only wish I could have made this up. From Los Angeles Magazine...

L.A. based life coach Zen Kern wants "cougars" - women who pursue younger men - to know they're not alone in the wilderness. Kern recently kicked off "Cougar Class", a two-hour course designed to help over-fortysomethings find quality mates. For $39.95, Kern teaches skills like how to be confident and not scare off men. Among the experiences that qualify the 27-year-old to speak on the subject? "I get hit on by older women all the time."

from the website:
"Unfortunately, some Cougars have difficulty adjusting to their newly found single status. Often times, they don’t know how to properly highlight their core strengths. Sometimes Cougars try to rely on being overtly sexual rather than showcasing their substance, and regrettably they appear too desperate or aggressive. Conversely, new Cougars can often times be too shy and reserved because they are not confident enough to fully commit themselves.
There are unique challenges that Cougars face, it’s difficult to know how to successfully navigate through the singles scene. That is why Cougar Class was started, to give practical instruction and valuable insight to experienced women on how to best approach single life. "

Call me crazy but the whole $39.95 thing cheapens it even more than the reality. Dude call it $50 and be done with it. Sadly, I'm sure his classes are filled.


SGM said...

I totally agree on the 39.95 thing! I think he could get $100, easy.
p.s. I love the phrase "emotional barfing." :)

franki durbin said...

girl, you're killing me!!1 I needed a good laugh. this is awesome.

Anonymous said...

i went to one of his classes, it was a joke. he is not really an 'expert' at anything. he bragged about the "thousands" of dollars he makes per hour couching "CEOs", right. he seemed to just be an opportunist taking advantage of women and cashing in on their weaknesses- boy we really need another one of those! not.

Richie Designs said...

ANON... you must tell us more!

omg want to send you back with a helmet cam to get the full picture of it all.