Monday, April 21, 2008

Biggest Regrets

While in P.S. we were out to dinner and one of the girls was expressing her sadness about not being able to find this game called the "the game of questions" to bring along to the weekend. She was explaining the game to the table and offered up the example of "What is your biggest regret".

I immediately had this one to offer up and I'll share it with all of you - that haunts me close to 20 years down the line. It sound serious doesn't it? Oh it is to me...

I was still in college and broke. My boyfriend at the time and I were traveling home from Sacramento visiting my family and decided to stop in San Francisco for the afternoon. We ended up in The Haight shopping. I being the shopper that I am, even then, I wandered into one of the vintage clothing shops and on the first round I found a sample dress from CHANEL. It had a Chanel tag inside with hand written notes about the design. I almost passed out.

I walked straight to the dressing room and it fit me perfectly. A late 60's shift in an odd beige color with white peter-pan collar, it wasn't the most flattering on me but it was Chanel, and it was on my body. The thought that it may have been in her [Coco's] presence was a complete reality. The price tag was $35 dollars. THIRTY-F*CKING-FIVE-DOLLARS. I had 38$ in my account to last me for another week. I carried the dress around with me for another 30 min debating on how I could rationalize the purchase, how I would eat for another week on 3$ and who I could bum food off of.

[this is from Ebay but had a similar look to my dress]

In the end I talked myself out of it, I was practical, I was responsible, I was a good girl.

I could have charged the dress on the "emergency credit card" my mom had given me, but I couldn't justify that emergency. I'm sure she would have been fine with it.

I can tell you that I think about that Chanel dress often, and it still haunts me to this day. I have made it a point in my bargain hunting days since then to buy now, return later. Damn, I still want that dress though. The girls at the table were all equally as devastated for me as I was telling the story. One day...I'll get my chance again!

So What is your biggest shopping regret? or regret in general...


Anonymous said...

Oh that was painful to read. I regret it for you!

Sneaky Chic said...

I completely understand... I had this happen last month! I am kicking myself today! I went to NYC with my sister-in-law and we of course were shopping till we dropped. We went to Century 21, because I saw it on Sex and the City and wanted to check it out. I tried on the most awesomest Missoni skirt. It fit me perfectly. It was black, white, yellow and hot pink and it was $225. That is A LOT for a skirt, but not a lot for a Missoni skirt. I too carried it around the store contemplating. Finally, I put it down. I don't *need* this, so I should not buy it. The worst part was after I put it down, a girl came running up to it and snatched it up saying "OMG, I love this" and there went my soulskirt. But I just smiled because I knew it would not fit her skinny little ass :)

I REGRET so much that I did not buy that skirt. I obsess about it daily - really. I might need therapy or something.

Practical and responsible are no fun sometimes! Next time, I'm pulling out the plastic!

Richie Designs said...

oh man...Missoni...feeling the pain for you too sistah!