Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Viceroy Palm Springs

The women I was with wanted to stay one more night in Palm Springs and our house wasn't available to extend so they booked a room to share at the Viceroy. I should mention that two of the girls on this trip use to work for the Kor Group, one of which was very high up on the food chain when she left. It's always amazing to me when I travel with them the perks and benefits that I reap just because I'm with them. It's good to know people that know people.

Once we checked into the room one of the girls decided she would really rather have a villa than a standard room. The standard rooms were lovely but my one friend loves her some villa...so calls were made and things were arranged [they paid normal prices]. We plopped our stuff down and headed to the pool while the villa was being prep'd. While we lounged we racked up a decent pool side tab and since they are all old friends, folks stopped by to chat and catch up and comp'd our snacks and adult beverages along the way. And considering that bill... it's good to know people.

I didn't want to be too touristy and snap photos of the things that have already been seen on line, but I since I did have the opportunity to be in two of the rooms I did take a number of photos in each.

The villas are one bedroom apartments complete with kitchen and dining room, private patio and fireplace. The standard rooms have two queen beds and are like a really nice hotel room. The two photos on this entry are from the Villa.

Click here to see a Flickr Set of the Viceroy Palm Springs

It's a lovely property. Kelly Wearstler is as good as they make her out to be. I still am in love of the acid yellow that she popularized here at this property. Despite that I think I've burnt myself out on Hollywood Regency and I couldn't help but cringe just a tiny bit when I realized they had painted over the vintage terra cotta tiles all over the Villa. Everything was white, and it worked well visually but I have a small sense of history to me and wondered what would happen 10+ years down the road.

We got to hear a bit about the opening of Kor's next property in Anguilla. It's set to open Jan 09' I believe he said. Apparently the island is so small that they had to bring in hundreds of people to build the property. For better or for worse they have changed the island completely ie: Jobs to natives, and of course the many, many people that will spend their money in years to come.

If I understood correctly, the property will entail a "hotel type resort" but will also be home to residences. It's part of the new hotel-style properties that are owned, yet that are managed like a hotel...room service etc but you own it. They also will handle renting it for a fee if you would like to make some money on the property while you're not there.

If this is something you're interested in, you're my new best friend and I'll get you in contact with people...because now I'm people who know people.

it was a great weekend!


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