Thursday, April 17, 2008

She is so brilliant I think I want to make out with her

Ok not really...but I do have a slight girl crush on Decorno because she's just so incredibly funny. Her new site Vodka Has No Carbs is just another flash of her brilliance.

What is it you ask? according to the site: "Two friends basically emailing each other through a blog about food and booze and fat. Hot shit like that. In order to play along, sometimes it's best to read previous posts first. But it's a free country, man. Do whatever you want."

Me and my Palm Springs girls had conversations so parallel to this site that I think she had spy cameras. Describing the piece of fat between your arm and back [or boob] as chicken cutlets...Yes, that was said and more than once.

back fat *bingo*, cheese *not the eating kind*, rolls *again not the eating kind*, muffin tops, gravity *and how it sucks*, diets Lendora & Weight Watchers, Points counting and how many are involved in what we were drinking *yes*, protein filled meals and skipping dessert so we could drink YES.

don't delay go visit NOW.

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