Monday, April 14, 2008

Palm Springs part 1

First off let me introduce you to my new best friend: Hello everyone this is St. Germain St. Germain, this is everyone.

One of the girls on the trip is in fine dining and brought along a very impressive bar set up. She was very excited about this liqueur and insisted that we all try it. It is quite possibly the most tasty drink I've ever had. The girls mixed it in with the margaritas but one of them mixed it with some fizzy water and it was just about perfect. If you've ever had something with rose water in it, it had that sort of element to it. Tasted like the smell of pretty flowers is the best I can describe it.

It's made from Elderberry Flowers and just tastes so darned yummy. Not to mention the bottle is so impressive! [I just saw it in a design book too].

On to some photos:

This is about the extent of what we did during the day. Drink in hand whether it be water or cocktail we kept em' moving.

The best part of this pool...the tanning shelf. The tanning shelf is this extra large first step that multiple people can lay on to linger in the water and stay cool. We moved the umbrella over to have a little shady bit for us as well. It was heaven. I think all of us multiple times said "Have I mentioned how happy I am right now?" I think all of us needed this vacation badly!

This is only after the first night. We all took a break from cleaning I think.

Each room had great art. David, the guy who owns the house is a professional photographer so his work is all around, this piece in the kitchen was a cute print. [one of my pieces is there as well! he's one of my first customers...thanks David!]

I don't know why he didn't mention this bathroom because it was really, really beautiful. All those little tiles were chocolate brown pieces of loveliness.

No, this is not our house this is the best bar in Palm Springs, Melvin's, a Palm Springs classic. You know as soon as you walk in there that Frank Sinatra ate here. We were the youngest of anyone in the restaurant by about 25 years.

You know what's better than cougars?...Palm Spring cougars...they're the hotties of the 50+ crowd and they are lookin' goooood! The men are pretty snappy as well. Sequins are still big by the way, in case you wanted to know. All of this is completed with a cheesy lounge singer, including Neil Diamond covers [I mean how do you not LOVE Neil?] and dancing - it was brilliant! There was something really lovely about it though. The wait staff were in tuxedos and suits, the martinis were dry and strong and the men were men and actually could cut a rug with their "dates".

I think the ladies were worried we were moving in on their guys. As we walked in one of the women at the bar said "oh my god, where did they all come from?" [It's the property adjacent to the Viceroy, which if you're staying there is a blessing to stumble home to]

------------ spy photos from Viceroy Palm Springs...I think I might be over the Hollywood Regency thing, but man is it lovely all together. I got into two rooms for photos 1 standard and 1 villa. There's a good story behind that as well. Did I mention our bills were comp'd at the pool? oh yes, it's good to know people in high places.

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