Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Right Now...

Right now...
This puppy makes me smile.

I'm eating Persian cucumbers with a sliver of Parmesan cheese and some lemon mineral water. They are my semi-healthy potato chip alternative. Too bad I love the cheese part so much.

I'm so stressed out about all my freelance work and the little time I have to do it in. That's why I'm doing this right now instead.

My neck hurts so bad from spending 12 hours a day on the computer lately.

I wish I had some peanut M&M's.

I ran into an old beau on my walk earlier. He broke my heart many years ago, but I'm so glad that it didn't work out. We were good together but not as good as my guy now. Funny as it is...he was my "Mr. Big" minus Paris and the happy ending. He even looks like him a bit.

I'm glad the weather cooled off from the weekend. I still want to wear my cute jackets.

I gotta go and do some work now.

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Susannah said...

I love that. A sweet and honest little post about now. Or then. Because you wrote it a few days ago. But you know what I mean.