Sunday, June 03, 2007

Yes, sir we're going on holiday

Most adult folk go out of town on a regular basis. I do not. I'm in love with a student [2nd career guy] so timing and cash become issues when the thoughts of a weekend away happens. But the dude is done with finals as of Wed evening and so we're hitting the trails soon after that. We tried for Santa Barbara but apparently everyone and their dog are going the weekend we want [ok, had I thought about it more Fathers Day and graduation...] so off to palm springs to a charming little place called the Movie Colony Hotel which sounds LAME...but the beds look super comfy [my no. one pre req] and stylish [no. 2] + a friend recommended it. I plan on laying by the pool and doing NOTHING. No flipping computers or anything but me, a drink, and my dude.

I need a halter dress and lord help me, a bikini.

Here is my rule about bathing suits...girls listen up...when trying on said suit....

If it fits in the front and feels ok in the back... I beg of you DO NOT TURN AROUND to look at your ass. Nothing good can come from this. You know it and I know it so lets all agree WHAT WE CAN'T SEE - WON'T HURT US. Granted everyone else has to suffer with the view but ignorance is bliss. This is the only way I can agree to do this that and my no carb plan for the next 14 days [which I laugh as I write because it won't happen]

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franki durbin said...

sadly, you are so right. What is it about the fitting rooms in the swim section at stores? I'm convinced sunlight would be more forgiving than the lighting used in those torture chambers!

If you're headed to te lovely place featured above (or even remotely similar!), I completely agree that you should rest by the pool and do nothing! Absolute perfection!