Monday, June 25, 2007

So Tired

I think my 10 jobs may be catching up with me. I'm tired, really tired and I'm getting sick. My 9-5 has gone into full chaos at the moment [expect light posting through August]. I don't have any juice left for Apartment Therapy, or my own personal endevors my baby clothes or my personal art.

When do we stop pushing ourselves to exhaustion? When do we say it's too much?

I might be raising my hand right now .... I can't do it. I don't have enough left for me any more.

I feel chubby, out of shape, sick and broken down. I've always had issues with saying goodbye to something or letting it go. I just keep thinking that it will work itself out or turn a corner of something [what I expect I have no idea]. It's especially bad when those things are fun and interesting [work related]

I don't feel like I'm heading in the direction I want my life to feel like anymore.

--photo credit Ming Chai from Flickr


franki durbin said...

Funny you should offer up this post. I myself am planning a hiatus from my 'day life' as I call it. As soon as I can wrap up one lingering project I am planning to take some much needed 're-adjustment' time.

It's been a few years since I began my firm and although I've had vacations I have always returned to a full plate of projects. I finally see a break in the clouds and am taking time off to retune.

My intention is to step back and get a clear view of where I am in relation to my ultimate life goals - then plan my strategy to get back on track. I cannot recommend this enough to you since it sounds like you are headed down a similar path.

If you don't take time to recharge your batteries you'll have no juice to share with other, Richele! :)

Take some much needed time off - even if that means no blogging (**gasp!**). I assure you, the time off is just so good for the soul.

If you can, spend time at the beach or out in the sun. Nothing recharges me like wind and sunshine ...and the absence of work! ;)

Michelle Silva said...

You put into words my feelings on a day to day basis! My loved ones are all that keep me going most days. But, I need to remind myself to "breathe"
Remember YOU are very loved!
Michelle Silva