Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A year of posting

It's my blog birthday this month! It's officially a year old. I feel like this little adventure has been a tad dyslexic in that the blog started as a design blog and has slowly moved on to a online journal and all things girl. I feel bad about it sometimes like I don't have a pure direction and it's not true to my blogger name but then I just think F*ck IT, it's mine... I can do what I want. I'm tired of beating myself up for not being perfect. So here it is random thoughts, bad spelling and worse grammar. *If the blogger folks could add a spell check I would be so grateful!

The truth of how it evolved is that my writing for Apartment Therapy forces me to think about home and design pretty much all the time, so in order for my mind to have some fun and another element of creativity I've turned to writing about fashion and my humorous tales of daily living. I still haven't decided how much of myself I want to reveal with this writing but I'm just taking it as it comes.

Here's to another year of friendships [I've met people all over the world by writing here], great shoes, perfect shades of lipstick, great fashion, creativity and photography. Thanks for stopping in don't be shy to leave a note I love getting them.



franki durbin said...

hey! Congratulations! And I have to admit, we ALL feel the mixed thughts about our own blogs sometimes. There are many times I wonder if readers will mind if I post something a little "out there" - but at the end if it's true to who you are it should freely come about.

Richele, those of us who read you regularly are soming to read "you" - that means your personality, your interests, your vacation tidbits, your thoughts. Be you. We love it!

happy Blog Birthday!

Angeleen said...

Yippee! We'll have the same Blog birthday month next year since I just started June 5!

I look forward to reading your scintilating installemtns for years to come.

(By the way, they do have spell check, you just have to use the right browser, I think. I'm on a Mac and couldn't get half the functions to work in Safari. I installed Firefox and that works great.)

Happy BLOGday!

~a :)