Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The margarita incident

So I was so excited about my mini vacation with the guy that I had been doing the snoopy dance for about 5 days prior.

I of course, in Palm Springs mode, had my palm springs outfit on - a fabulous faux Pucci scarf from H&M tied around my head, big sunglasses [honey, I've been wearing em big for years now], little sundress over my jeans and sandals ...anyway I digress...Saturday we got up and went to our favorite breakfast place across town to start the day off right and hit the road.

We got to Palm Springs about 1:00pm and checked into our place. Heat was a lot 105ish at that point and I ditched the polyester scarf - F* it - the polyester was making my head feel like it would explode. I would pass out if I had to wear it in the sun. So much for fashion.

We walked to the main drag about 4 blocks or so from our place and found a lovely little mexican restaurant to have lunch. I am dripping on my red pleather Target bag by this time. The boyfriend orders a beer and in celebratory mood I order a margarita. Now I must explain here that I'm a bad drinker, I don't even pretend to be able to handle my liquor and generally 1-2 drinks and I'm done. So I suck down my adult slushy in the 105ish heat with nothing to eat and when the server comes by to inquire about another beer for him, I say sure I'll have another too! I'm determined to have a party-ol-time. Food comes and I finish my second margarita [did I mention they were large???] and some of my meal and I'm so bombed out of my mind that I'm slurring my words and my boyfriend is laughing at me. Of course, I promptly start slurring "dooon'tttt lauuuugh atttt meee I'mmmm drunnnnkkk". He laughs more. With nothing to do but go back to our place we do and I pass out and wake up at 5pm with a hangover.

Such a class act.

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Angeleen said...

Margarita's are a KILLER! Especially on a hot day! They just go down so easy, all cool and slushy, then, "BAM!" you're on your ass.

I once casually sipped on the fresh, homemade variety while assembling taco fixins. In the fury of chopping, frying and grating (and eating chips, of course) I put down about three. I managed to get the tacos to the table, then curled up into a little ball on the floor because the room wouldn't stop whirlling around against my wishes.

Goood times...