Tuesday, June 12, 2007

JT in Paris

I just discovered JT in Paris's blog thru my new BFF Franki as she had him listed on her blog roll. I'm enamoured with this newly graduated fashion student who is in love with Paris, fashion [and currently looking for a full time gig to remain there] and his cross dressing ways. He's living his most fashionable dream life out in living color.

I do hope that someone at one of the big houses Marc?, Karl? Bueller?....Bueller? [tap tap tap on the microphone] is this thing on...Anyone there is listening? We need to see more of JT in Paris and all of the fabulousness he has to offer.


franki durbin said...

I have to say, the blog really is a lot of fun to read. Part of it is knowing that JT is taking Paris in through non-native creative eyes. It really alters the content in a way that appeals to designers everywhere.

Besides, he's just so fun.

Jakthong said...

Oh my god... I am so touched by you and Franki! I really can't imagine how my blog would be... if I have to go back to Bangkok...

Thanks for all the support! Both of you!

Kisses (not French this time though)