Sunday, June 03, 2007

Speaking of Chanel...

I went to South Coast Plaza last weekend to go on the hunt for shoes that match my spine's requirements...more on that later

While doing so I did venture into the new Bloomingdales that just opened a few weeks ago. Now I'm not a Bloomie's shopper probably due to cost and due to there wasn't a store near by. Wow what a store! South Coast Plaza in general has money oozing from it's doors and walls.

What I love about department stores of that category is that I can look and touch things I can't in the boutique stores. I have never dared walk into Chanel. I dream of shopping there but saving my pennies just may not be enough. I'm not talking a shopping spree just perhaps a handbag, a pair of shoes and a pair of sunnies. Oh that would set me back probably 4-5k. Nothing big right? probably the Gross Domestic Product of some far away country, but who's counting.

I strolled into the Chanel department [high brands get their own boutiques within the stores] and was able to fondle a ballet slipper, and a quilted bag all in the same 15 minutes. My saving grace is that there were so many people shopping [actually purchasing] that the sales folks didn't have time to ask me if I needed help. Those poor folks were so slammed that most of the shelves were empty as they pulled quilted bags down and began the wrapping proceedure [every bag gets wrapped in their glossie box with tissue paper]. Women were purchasing multi-thousand dollar bags without thought every few seconds. It was a sight to see.

Next door at the Louis Vuitton boutique even more people were present. LV isn't my thing [besides their luggage] so passed it up but I can say that the actual boutique in the mall is so busy I'm sure LV'ers were at Bloomies because they couldn't get into the actual store. I'm not lying about this. As I was walking through the mall I heard the security guard at LV say to a couple I'm sorry I can't allow any more people into the store at the moment. I turned to look at the store and it was FULL. Not only that there were multiple security guards standing on high rise pedestals throughout the store. Holy shit is all I have to say and also, what do these people do for a living? And lastly, do they have a need to adopt a 38 yr old woman?

Why am I telling you all this? because someone out there reading knows the pain of fondling a bag or shoe they want and setting it back down. That, and my boyfriend is sick of me talking about it - and partly doesn't understand as he looks at me all glassie eyed when I talk about Chanel ballet slippers.

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