Sunday, June 03, 2007

My only chance in hell at owning double CC's

I'd love to say this is from Chanel but it's not it is a spoof from a company who presses the boundries with iconic labels.

From: Charles & Marie
Our dear friends at Citizen:Citizen have fabulous products – that's nothing new. And until today you could easily get them. Recently though they received a cease and desist from the company with the Golden Arches for their Coke Spon #2, which in turn caused the eponymous product to skyrocket in price – if you can get it at all. Well today we have been told, the company's famed Playboy Swizzlestick was struck by the same fate.

Yup, no more gold dipped Swizzlesticks. Now we brought you the Coke Spoon #1 pendant a couple days back, that's just another item waiting to disappear, so we thought that we would give you the opportunity to purchase the only item left that hasn't been scrutinized – yet. The Chanel Pirate matches, Tobi Wong and Ju$t Another Rich Kid have cooperated yet again on a fab idea which comes in a pack of 10 and we have made sure that we have enough in stock to get them out to you before those too disappear from the face of this world...

So hurry, run, get to the computer and get them before they are forever gone...

Chanel Pirate Matches

$30 for ten

which in terms of Double CC's is pennies.

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