Wednesday, June 27, 2007

7 things

Franki darling over on Life in a Venti Cup ping'd me for the blogger trail of "7 things" that's been going around. I decided to oblige her because it's fun, even though I did it a couple months ago on another round. So 7 things you may not know about me:

In my early to late 20's I worked in hair salons, and later ended up managing two salons with a staff of close to 50 people. I was known as a tough-ass-bitch while I worked there Ok, I was... but imagine managing that many adults [who mostly ran their own businesses] who partied like rock stars and wanted you to pick up the pieces of their aftermath.

One of my best friends now, who I worked with then, was one of the party'rs. She always likes to tell the tale of how she on many occasions would attempt to call in sick on a Saturday morning because she was hung over and I refused to call her clients. I told her to pull her car over, barf, get something to eat and be on time. She did usually, and always made money because of it. My best story though is from a straight, male hair dresser who was a hard party'r. He once called me after being 2 hrs late on a Saturday morning and didn't know where he was, or where his car was.

On my 30th bday my divorce to my ex-husband was final...that year sucked. But I'm so much happier now.

I lived abroad when I was 20 for an exchange program. It was the greatest experience of my college life, the first time I was away from home and my first panic attack as well. I had it while getting on the Tube [subway] while I was there. Nothin' like a bit of control issues to set you off in a foreign land.

I am a quiet person, I sort of fake being out-going and do a decent job at it as I've gotten older. Conversation is a huge effort for me. In my job I am sometimes required to travel and produce photoshoots which is difficult in it's own right but I am also sort of forced into continual conversation with clients, photographers and talent. I generally like all of the people I work with so we have a great time but I am so tired from thinking about conversation that by the time we're done I want to hole myself up in a hotel room order room service and not speak to anyone for days after.

One of my favorite things to do is to watch TV in bed, second eating peanut M&M's. I do a lot of the first, but refrain from the second for fear of puffin' up like a tick.

I met my boyfriend in a fly fishing shop while buying wardrobe for a photoshoot I was styling. He must have seen past my bitchy demenor that day : I was a tad crabby. He was mister calm-manager-guy helping me pick out gear. He had my business card for the studio loan I had arranged with them and later he emailed me the sweetest note. It was the way he phrased his note and the fact that he practiced yoga that made me go out with him. Ya just never know where you'll find love.

I took a handful of tango lessons a few years ago and I'd really like to do it again. The men that I've dated since my tango partner haven't been as down with "dancing with the stars" as I have and I haven't gone back. I want to be one of those old ballroom dancers with the crazy outfits--just doing tango is all.


franki durbin said...

wow. I am humbles by the depth of your responses. I absolutely love this excercise, as I feel I know so mcuh more about you now. Best of all, I like you eve more!

It's too bad this isn't a hairstyling blog...I imagine the tales from your previus career could offer years of blog fodder!

on six: love does find us in the oddest of places. Thankfully it does finally find us.

on two: the great part is that it is all behind you now.

I really enjoyed these richele! I hope the act of bearing it all was as cathartic as it seems!

Richie Designs said...

girlll what are you doing posting comments at 3:57am?

J Lee said...

I came across your site through Franki's and I must applaud you for a great post.

I love your 7 answers, its so great to find out more about bloggers on a more intimate level!


Angeleen said...

I want to hear more hair shop stories!