Friday, June 29, 2007

It's Donut Friday

I attempt to moderate my downfall eating, you know those spiral days of I'll just have a little...then it leads to a little more...
then the whole day is blown to hell and you might as well eat the whole pint of ben & jerry's since you've already consumed your body weight in chocolate any how.

A treat I give myself is one donut on Friday mornings which I've tagged as "Donut Friday".

Sprinkles are pretty but I'm an old fashioned glazed girl myself. So,I'm off to get my little lump of lard love!

happy friday

photo via chipmonk/flickr


Angeleen said...

I am rendered helpless in the face of fried, yeasty goodness.

Rock on, Sister!

J Lee said...

my husband came into the office when i was reading through your blog and after catching a glimpse of that donut, he went out and came back with a vanilla sprinkle! haha.

now that's inspiration.
great blog.


franki durbin said...

sometimes you just need to treat yourself, dont you? Good for you. Sadly, my treats tend to take up space in my closet, not my tummy. Marybe I should seek inspiration in the form of a donut next time... ;)