Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sharing the art of living well

I couldn't resist leaving for the weekend without posting this photo of the Elrod Lautner House in Palm Springs in ode for my trip this weekend. I must beg you to go visit this siteI found called Luxury today and spend some time clicking around.

I haven't quite figured out the architecture to the site [there is information tucked in every nook and cranny] but the site is a treasure chest of all things beautiful. The site was developed by luxury art, fashion, and design publishers Assouline, who have taken every pretty little nugget and left it out for the world to see.

By the way the Lautner house is available for rent through the ultra exclusive villa rental agency called Private Villas it's part of their Rad Pad series of homes. Wouldn't it be so fantastic to rent this place out and get married in it? You could have the swellest, swankiest wedding ever in a place like that.

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franki durbin said...

great discovery - even if their navigation is a bit too clever. Usability lesson, anyone?

Either way, looks like a fun site to explore.