Thursday, January 07, 2010

this morning...

• I just heard that rufus wainwright is playing saturday night [literally] down the street from me.
• tickets are still available which never happens with him
• I am pretty damn broke at the moment
• I am rationalizing $80+ for 2 tickets
• I just emailed Chris to beg him to go see one of my "whiney pussies" as he calls my music.
• maybe he'll take me on a super date.

until his response...enjoy this one - it's one of my favs.


studio.delucca said...

I will take you to see the whiny pussy!
if you want to.
goodness knows you have taken me on some cool dates...

Richie Designs said...

you are so sweet. I would TOTALLY take you up on that offer if I got to see chris more than 36 hrs in a week. With school I gotta hang out with the guy with or without the whiny pussy.

maybe we could all go? no the guys wouldn't be down with that.

Maybe we could go to Number 9 for noodles a super duper date with all of us?

karey m. said...

did you go?!

i would like to live down the street from you.

Richie Designs said...

how sad is this? chris on call early sunday so he had to leave, I could have gone to the show and I fell asleep at 630 and woke up at 8

I'm so lame