Sunday, January 10, 2010


5 is one of my favorite numbers did you know? probably not. Also 8 and 18 and 23 because 23 is magical and it also adds up to 5. It's true about the magical part. Someone told me swear.

23 is the most random, common number in the universe. As in 23 pairs of chromosomes, as in the number 23 is included in more lottery ticket winners than any other number, as in it takes 23 seconds for blood to move through your body.

I can't find these statements aside from the chromosomes on the web so we'll have to rely my memory of said conversation. This is where I tell you that If I were you I wouldn't repeat this at a cocktail party because, well, I could have imagined it or my source could have been trying to impress me with false information. And I can just imagine you at a cocktail party and standing next to someone who's a MIT/Harvard scientist and feeling smartypants repeating this information and saying RICHIE. SAID. SO. and the Harvard>MIT grad scientist will tell you you're full of shit and make you look bad in front of your boss and you'll have to drink 5 shots of tequila to feel better, which you will for one hour but then? You'll puke in the taxi and ruin your dress and the next day you'll have a horrible hangover.

I don't want you to have a hangover on account of me or ruin the dress.

SO anyway... numbers, they're cool no? it's an art thing I think. It's like letters for me, the shapes, the negative space just sitting there waiting to make me happy. I mean come on...look at that little scoop at the bottom of the 5 almost a circle but not quite. HAPPY. Plus, it's just badass to be wearing part of a cue ball I think.

From the site's Notes:

This whimsical ring is made from a c. 1940's billiard ball! A local San Francisco designs these wonderful pieces. It's set sterling silver and the "sliced ball" measures 1-1/2" in diameter. The ring is a US size 9.5. It could be sized if desired$75

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