Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Don't mind me I'm just testing something I've been wanting to learn in illustrator tonight and I did it...all by myself! a miracle I might add.

I want to do more hand drawn type and letterpress it. How fun would this be? I just wish it had the sound effect of my friend Pam saying it in her wacky high pitched voice.

It sounds more like "SOOOOPER!"


Petunia Face said...

Giving you a virtual pat on the back. Okay, fine, a hug :)

That's just super! Thanks for asking--is that from South park?

Richie Designs said...

hummm I don't know...It's from my friend Pam but who knows where she got that one from ;)

what I'm wondering is there a market for a greeting that says:

"yah but does it float?"