Thursday, January 28, 2010


when I was little my mom had one of these meat grinders. I remember it being attached to the cutting board or something in the kitchen and watching mom shove in meat parts. yes, I just said that. MEAT PARTS. If I remember correctly it sort of coincided with deer season, the meat parts.

I've told you about deer season right? it's big in my family. Don't forget pheasant season, and duck season and any other hunt.your.own.meat.season should I be forgetting one. There are so many.

anyway I saw this today and thought about this scene in my kitchen as a kid. I remember eating venison. I think I liked it, I don't remember burying it in my potatoes so that's a good sign. Anyway, I was playing with my friend Nicole that afternoon and I asked her if she wanted to stay for dinner. "what are you having?" because you gotta scope out the dinner situation before you commit. "Venison" I said. I think it was a venison stroganoff. I can't recall if it came up before she said yes, or if she actually began eating but it finally came out that venison was the fancy name for bambi and exit.stage.left.

so much for that idea.

Chris is a fisher-person as you know, but he's also been an ongoing fan of the "channel of death" as he has nicknamed it. The Hunting Channel or something-dude like. A lot of camo, men sitting in tree stands talking in whispers and commercials for rifle parts. He told me a couple weekends ago after a couple of beers that once he finishes school he wants to learn to hunt. Yes, honey I know. Everyone in Sacramento is waiting for you.

and here I thought I had my hunting days were over. go figure. Just don't ask me to grind anything.

universal grinder $15.00 12.5 x17" Rod Hunting
deer parts from here

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karey m. said...

like, four awesome posts in a row.

you know, my fave pair of jeans is still those william rast {aka justin!} jeans...

chagrined, but i think he's genius.