Sunday, January 24, 2010


Gap hasn't been my thing for sometime but right now they have some cute stuff going on in the window in my neighborhood. There is a really lovely bone colored leather jacket in the window, it looks like it's really nice leather on top of it all. And although I could not wear that color without looking like I was ready for a body bag, I went looking for it online this afternoon to show all of you. To say, if you're a dirty blonde please go and get this it will look fab on you.

You may or may not know but photos are suppose to make a product look better than it is in person, or at the very least as good as it looks in person. Patrick Robinson? I know you're working your tail off over there trying to save the denim folks but you guys need to hire a stylist aka JCrew style. At the very least, this jacket looks a tad too small on the model [see shoulder seams] but the art direction? Things are not well here, on many levels.

When I see an article of clothing, I should want to be the woman wearing it. And right now, I don't want to stand next to her.


studio.delucca said...

I saw this jacket the other day and wanted it!

human resources training said...

The jacket is so cute indeed, I wish I have one.

make money said...

The jacket looks nice I like the color and the fact that its leather, I love it.