Sunday, January 24, 2010


So I couldn't watch the telethon on Friday. It would have been me crying for however many hours it went on. Instead I blocked it out with my DVD's of SATC. [I already donated]

But last night? we went to dinner with some friends. My buddy who is well versed on music said 'did you hear Justin Timberlake's version of Hallelujah?' He said I woke up after dozing off and thought "wait, Jeff Buckley is dead" who is that? Just another reason that I can publicly declare my love of JT after being a closet lover of his for so long. I bought JT's version on itunes as well.

But another important you know about Jeff Buckley? he's amazing should you not know about him. His first CD Grace is one that should be in every music collection. Sadly, he died in a accidental drowning during the recording of his second album.

It's one of the best songs ever. Originally Leonard Cohen should you be interested

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