Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Something and Nothing

I wish I had funny tales to tell you like Karey does or awesome reports of bad tv like SGM who is brilliantly funny. I just don't have little people yelling holy feck in the grocery isle. Although I can report on my nephew [8] who said something to my brother like "thank you so much for reading me that it meant a lot to me" after my brother read him some of Where the Red Fern Grows. *gulp* I read it on Facebook don't cha know, because I'm that kind of aunt.

I can tell you the most boring of stories every. single. day. Like today, I got up went for a walk, listened to my ipod with this very odd but very cool person telling me life wisdom that I knew but never had heard it like that before. I'm a new-age spiritual freak if you didn't know by now. I like all those shows about mediums, esp, transcendental whatevers. I've listened to the recording 5 times because I'm that boring [hey, what can I say? I get a lot out of it]

then I went to the car dealership where my friend fell on Monday and broke her tailbone. She was convinced that something was wrong with the staircase and she asked me to take pictures. I took some with my phone but kids, there was nothing but city approved code. she was not happy.

then I worked all day on a new portfolio for a wedding location that I'm a vendor with. I wanted something new and sparkily for the year. What I wanted to be a 15min project is going to take me 4 days. I'm screwed as it's due on Saturday. and now, now I'm eating my lunch at 5pm because I crammed in protein bars the whole day because of lack of time.

the most exciting part of my day? waking up early this morning to a dream that I was kissing a guy friend of mine kind-of-by-accident. No, it doesn't mean anything. I've dreamt I've kissed girls before and movie stars and it's not making me a lesbian or getting me in People Magazine anytime soon.

so today? This is all I got for inspiration a sweet little song, from a sweet little movie if you've never seen it Garden State.

I hope you come back for more boring tomorrow.

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karey m. said...

you're never boring. you're my favorite. the one i send pics of lill when she dresses up in bad telly.

i personally think you and sgm are two of the greatest girls ever invented.

totally behind snookie of the jersey shore.

sorry! i am honest.