Thursday, July 16, 2009

iPhone App recommends

If you love good music ie not top 40 but new upcoming groups, and established such as recent guest Tori Amos or Monday's guest Ray Lamontagne this iPhone application is for you.

KCRW is a community radio station out of Santa Monica Community College here in LA if you're not here locally. They have the most amazing morning show "morning becomes elclectic" of any radio station I've been privy to. They feature new, obsucure, and a little mainstream along side. It can be accessed through iTunes if you have it loaded, it's in the radio section should you like to preview it. It streams in the eclectic section of course.

But the real reason to get this super cheap app [99 cents] is Saturday's in the whole day. The morning starts out with This American Life [The best story-telling radio show ever], moves on to Good Food with Evan Kleinman a food and cooking show that includes interviews each week with local farmers & Chefs about what is currently in season and how they are preparing it in their kitchens. The actual interviews are done on the spot at Santa Monica's famed Farmer's Market. She in the latter part of the show interviews chefs, food critics and writers about the current weeks conversation. [ you know you're old when you love a cooking show] Third up on Saturdays is Chris Douridas who always has a great mix of music on, generally an interview or a live performance is also featured. Essentially the best of "morning becomes elcectic" smashed into one show. Then my favorite....Anne Litt my homegirl. The one who mixes Aretha next to Ray Lamontagne next to Dolly Parton. She seriously is my favorite DJ on the station [she is on Sundays later in the day as well], Saturdays finish with my punk rock boyfriend, Henry Rollins from Black Flag fame before the night show begins [club and other Saturday Night Specials].

Since I work in the studio most Saturdays and I don't have a radio down there I was missing the weekend show a ton lately. When I learned last week they had an application that allowed you to listen live I downloaded it immediately. Fast forward to Saturday and I was listening in the car doing errands and there was something really interesting on probably This American Life and I began to sit in my car like I do most weekends to finish the story and realized I could stream it on my phone. I hooked up my ear piece, turned it on and it was flawless. I listened to the whole of Saturday's show [with a little power charge break at lunch] and didn't miss a beat.

KCRW on air: has capabillities to stream live on air, so NPR is included in their day-to-day along with other great shows such as Bookworm with Michael Silverblat [you'll either love his voice or hate it btw] along with the Politics of Culture and other great weekly afternoon shows. Evenings host Chocolate City and more club style music, Saturday I've mentioned here and many other treats along the way.

If you don't have an iphone or itunes but you want to check them out you can listen to news, music or Live to whatever is going on via their website

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