Sunday, February 01, 2009

New In the Studio -It's Always Something

I've been sitting on this file for about 5 months now. It just seemed such a downer to me that I thought no one is going to want this card. I decided to say f**k it and do it anyway. I generally print or design things that I need for myself and this one could have been put to use a number of times during that waiting period. So there you have it "my own private idaho". Please click on the images to see them larger the type detail is really fun - my photography not so much on these.

hand lettered text, letterpressed on cream and bright white stock with moss ink.
A4 size $4.50

PS I'll finally be getting my Etsy site up and running soon with credit card purchases available. If you need one right away, avail by check. just email. Also coming shortly...some awesome birthday cards. I'll be busy the next couple of weeks printing.

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Jennifer Lee said...

i like it!

"it's always something...." - i could have used this one quite a few times this past year myself. can't wait to see your etsy site :)