Friday, February 13, 2009

Big Love

Probably not what you would imagine my Valentine's Day posting to be. I thought I would keep you on your toes and continue this very odd Gay-Lesbian-Drag Queen-hot trannie mess that I've been reporting on here this week. I'm sure my family who reads is thinking 'what the hell is going on down in Southern California?' Nothing...just a little style is all, no need to worry. Still like boys, I swear.

If you follow fashion you'll know that this magazing Love is set to release [limited] on Valentine's Day tomorrow in London. It will release next week to the general public. You would also know that the fashion industry has been clawing at this new mag for months now. I have to say I'm intrigued by the hooplah of it all. I want one, and I don't even know why I want it. [the marketing worked people].

The editor of this new rag is Katie Grand. She apparently is the real version of Rachael Zoe. The stylist to everyone under the stars, the woman who makes shit happen. I had never heard of her before this hooplah, apparently I'm not in the loop of things [and I really thought I was]

By the way...the lovely curvy woman on the cover is Beth Ditto, singer for The Gossip, she also writes a column for The Guardian titled "what would Beth Ditto do?". She also is the total s*it in London as Wikipedia reports:

"Ditto came to wider public attention in November 2006 when she was selected by NME as the coolest person in rock—being placed at number one in the magazine's annual "Cool List." The magazine cited her "non-conformity" as the reason for her selection - she is a lesbian, an outspoken advocate of gay rights, weighs 210 lbs and is also in a relationship with a transman."

Did I mention that The Gap is involved too? They printed limited edition tshirts of this cover available tomorrow in one of their stores [London only]. We totally are missing out on the scene people.

Just keeping you kids in-the-know when your teenager comes home and says mom I really want to get the new Gossip cd you can say "oh yah, Beth Ditto she totally rocks" and your kid will say how do you know about her? Oh jeez her and Katie Grand did this great Magazine they are the bomb.

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