Thursday, February 05, 2009

My MFA in Beauty

I *heart* blush A LOT. It makes me well...look like I'm alive rather than my pasty, dead, white self. I've been out of my Tarte for a while now and just keep forgetting to pick one up when I'm at the mall [maybe because I haven't been].

A couple weeks ago I was reading More Magazine, you know the one...for women of a certain age magazine. They said when you hit 40 that you should move to a cream blush vs a powder so that looks part of your skin, vs sitting on top of it. This made me realize something. This education of mine, this beauty MFA I've given myself over the last 20+ years in makeup and means Jack Sh*t. I've gotta relearn everything for my 40 year old self. I mean...I didn't know that and I read every stinkin' article, in every friggin' magazine known to man. I'm telling you...I was all set for my dissertation I was "this" close to my Doctorate in Beauty.

Cream blush instead of powder. I liked it before this but now, now it's not a want, it's a need. If you need me this weekend I'll be at Sephora buying the Tarte and probably 3 other things I never knew I needed.

PS it is a great product, even when I was 35. Sheer color, easily blendable and lasts for about a year. It always helped glue on that powder blush too. Apply before you put your powder on [after lotion/foundation] otherwise the stick rubs the powder into little clumps. keep out of the heat in summer. One blobby little mess I tell ya.


Jennifer Lee said...

off to Sephora I go now ....

kate said...

I'm 40 and I still use both types! Depends on my mood/skin condition/look I want... My Mac and my NARS powder blush still look great.