Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The word of the day

The word of the day via the bitchiest show on TV: Rupaul's Drag Race.
A Maneltoe: The male version of a Cameltoe.

"I really wanted to wear short shorts but I needed to make sure I didn't have maneltoe which is the male version of a camel toe."

explanation of the usage:
"I'm going to have to put my balls behind by body today" Ongina explains, "I don't really tuck as a drag queen, I try and avoid it because it really hurts"

May I introduce you to some of the contestants? Ongina [the fab tiny, queenie asian boy], Shannel, Tammy [the scariest version of mommy dearest/ Lawerence Welk ever], Akasha ["There's always a bitch and I'm happy to be that person"], Jade [Hottie hot hot], and Nina Flowers are just a few. I know you all have it Tivo'd but in case you forgot you can see full episodes on Logo.

I think SGM needs to add this recap to her rotation

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Petunia said...

I have never heard of this show! How it escaped me I don't know but I'm ging to find it and watch it. Thanks so much!