Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Did you know?

That The Library of Congress has a Flickr account? No joke, and it's amazing.

While doing some research for the office today I stumbled upon these amazing photographs. Did you also know that there are no rights restrictions on these? This photographer was hired by the government to shoot these and document history just for us. We already paid the man. Knowing what I do about good photographer's rates I'm sure we didn't pay him enough, but I am grateful for his artist eye and amazing camera skills. You can purchased higher resolution photos on CD if you would like to use them for a collateral usage, or you can buy actual prints from them too.

Rosie The Riveter stopping for a lunch break. Check out her Thermos, I bet that was a glass one. Remember those? Ummmm warm milk at lunch time with a Bologna sandwich.

No safety goggles here! all a girl needs is a good scarf and a cardigan sweater to keep her safe.

And may I introduce you to Mr. F.W. Hunter? He was a test pilot and worked out of the Long Beach Airport. I bet some of those cutie "Rosies" above covered this one in a few red lipstick kisses.

All of these were taken by photographer Alfred Palmer who is my new hero. You can see more collections on Flickr this one was found with keywords, WW2, Long Beach

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Amazing! Thanks for the hot tip!