Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Chocolate jewels

It is fast approaching V-Day so gifts are sort of on my brain right now. I'm a Valentine's Day person. Some people aren't but after years of being sad while single I made a decision that I was going to make it the best day ever. Even though I have a lovebug now, I still go out of my way to give treats to my girls [and some guy friend too]. I've done some elaborate gifts for my girlfriends over the years such as painted tiffany blue boxes with a giant candy diamond ring inside, letterpressed posters, pieces of art...I'm slacking this year and I'm scrambling in desperation right now. I have a very half-assed idea planned. So i'm on a dead run printing my ass off this week to get to the plate and color that I need. It's too late to explain why I can't jump from point A to point D in the color thing.

But while looking at another favorite food store of mine Dean & Deluca [why oh why do they not exist on the west coast?] I found these fabulous chocolate gems A little steep for my ideas but how cute are they?

This richly hued assortment of hand-painted chocolate jewels is a sure way to capture anyone's heart. Large dark chocolate diamonds are filled with creamy Champagne or Grand Marnier ganache. Smaller gems are solid dark chocolate or dark chocolate crunch. Sixteen pieces, 9 oz, total USA $100

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Angeleen said...



$100 for less than a pound of chocolate... OUCH! Guess I'll be sticking with my $8 bar of Vosges for now. ;)

I do hope you'll share what you end up doing. I'm all about the whole "no shortcuts!" thing.

Hope you're having a beautiful day! xo