Saturday, September 15, 2007

You're the one that I want

I mentioned Rachael Yamagata a couple of posts ago and a reader commented and asked me if I listed to Sia. I love Sia! If you haven't heard her music she has a powerful voice and is quite elf-like in person for lack of a better descriptor. She also has a new CD coming soon and a tour. If you sign up on her site you can be on the presale-ticket list I hope to get into her El Rey show here in LA later this month. I posted her most notable single to view if you want to hear her "Breathe"

I also included this video below from Grease because the first time I saw her perform her in LA she came out on stage for a KCRW show and did a duet with BECK and they sang this song. The also did it a few nights later on Beck's opening act for the Flaming Lips. The two of them doing this song were total brilliance! I have found a bootleg version of it audio but no one seemed to film it for you tube which is a shame.

Here is the original to spark your memory. I dare you not to sing along and bop in your seat to this one. How fun would a remake be of this...Reese Witherspoon would make a great Sandy. Who should play John Travolta's character??? oooh what about Justin Timberlake??? Who would you put in their parts?

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