Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Laura Bennett

I missed the emmy's but have been catching up with the fashion for the evening. I just spotted this little number by Laura Bennett who if you were a fan of Project Runway would recognize her. I guess she and Nick from the show decided to come with the show's slogan "wear it like you mean it" which I personally would opt not to wear given the chance but she did a lovely job with the type/beading treatment.

Though I didn't care for her personality on the show [I never know what's really true because editing can be fierce] but her clothing was truly stunning. I understand why she didn't win...as all of her work was sort of evening inspired rather than dressing a woman for all of the parts of her life, but I loved it all anyway and would definitely buy a piece of her work any time -that is if I could afford it. She could definitely carve a name for herself in NYC with made to order pieces in her spare time of product/architecture and her 5 children. ugh! I don't know how she does that or looks that good after that many puppies.

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