Sunday, September 09, 2007

Rachael Yamagata

I fell in love with Rachael Yamagata's music over 3 years ago on her first tour. I happened to catch her by accident when I went to see her opening act. When Rachael came out on stage and began performing, my mouth just dropped open. She is a very gifted singer and song writer and even more so when you consider that she's still in her early 20's. Her first CD Happenstance is still one of my top 5 cd's in the car 3 years later - perfect girl/driving music to sing along to.

I've been anxiously waiting her second CD which is long over due. When I went to check her site for an update last week there was an amazing "album teaser" which I've never seen a record company do for an artist. It's beautiful in it's own right and makes me want the cd even more. She spent last winter in a remote cabin location writing which ended up being the imagery for the video. Smart A&R guys!


Sarah Moffett said...

Have you seen her in concert opening for Mandy Moore yet? (Yes, I know, just try to ignore that fact.) I saw Yamagata at the Birchmere on Tuesday, and her new material rivals if not surpasses her brilliant debut. Cheers to winter not being quite so long this year.

Richie Designs said...

No, I saw her on her first tour in a very small standing room only club in LA [lucky me].

I can't wait to hear the new stuff. She has words for many different parts of me and moments of my life. Not sure how she learned all that so young.

B.lush said...

Love her music too!! Do you listen to Sia?

Sarah Moffett said...

Definitely luck you. You're absolutely right. Her words are intimately personal to humanity. January's album release is too far away.

Richie Designs said...

Sia rules! I first saw her perform at a KCRW show here in LA. She did some stuff with Zero 7 and then came out and performed with Beck...the song from Grease "you're the one that I want" all I can say is pure brilliance.

she has a new cd and tour coming up as well.