Monday, September 10, 2007

Fashion Week NYC

I've been following the daily uploads of the shows happening this week in NYC. I haven't been very wow'd up till now. Everone is very subduded for spring. I like simple so don't get me wrong...there are some lovely pieces to be seen but none of the shows overall have impressed me so far except for Ralph Lauren who pulled off this very Disney-esque period thing for his 40th year in the biz complete with circus leader uniforms [what are those people called?].

People get all tweeked out about crazy fashion but the truth is most of it gets watered down for consumerism anyhow. You might see this red jacket appear on the streets sometime but it will be with a pair of jeans or something tame. Overall I'm liking his continuation of mens-wear inspired looks and then the complete opposite with the giant hats and lady dresses. Check in with to see all the coverage

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