Monday, September 17, 2007

The Hollywood Bowl

What do you get when you mix a bus ride, a picnic, the most varied age group I've ever seen at a concert, Carmen Miranda music and movie songs from the 50's and you'll get a good idea of what Pink Martini is.

My friend April bought me tickets for my b-day [back in May] to see the group Pink Martini at the Hollywood Bowl. We had a great time and for those of you that have never had the honor of attending a show there it's a real experience. HB is nestled in the hills of Hollywood [you can actually see the Hollywood sign when sitting in the audience] There is some parking around the area but if you consider 18,000 people going in the direction of one spot in LA you'll realize the area can't handle that many people. They encourage bus travel from different lots around LA which we happily did. It's part of the fun going to the bowl, mostly because that's the only time in LA I'm ever on public transportation sadly.

Anyhow it's a fun process no matter who you see there. One funny bit from it. I had heard of Pink Martini prior to this adventure but knew nothing of their music, I thought April had the edge on me for once music wise. The other couple that went with us was under the impression this was one of my favorite bands. After we realized the comedy of errors we had a big laugh over it. It was a great show complete with Carol Channing singing "there's no business like show business" I thought the woman was dead but she's alive and kicking.

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franki durbin said...

oh how fabulous! talk about a fun birthday gift!