Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Beach Outting

It's a two part beach story but I got up at 5:15am on a Saturday to go to the beach with the dude. We had plans to meet some friends at a popular surf spot in south orange county at San Onofre [sp?] Beach. It's a great surf spot and if you don't get there early enough you have to wait in line [only a certain number of parking spots]. I had to entertain myself somehow so I got out the camera. We got there too late and waited for about an hour before calling everyone and telling them not to bother. We ended up a more kid friendly local where we could trek in our multiple bags of stuff.

This weekend in So Cal was miserably hot. even just feet away from the ocean it was close to 100 degrees. Water at 60 something actually felt good. We all got sunburned I think even with 45+ on mulitple times during the day. The kids are so lucky they go to the beach all the time and just think everyone gets to. What a treat.


Angeleen said...


Who are those beautiful children?

What did you do, rent some GAP kids for the day?

They're gorgeous.

J Lee said...

i love the images, especially the last three :)

i heard it was crazy hot in cali, it's already cooling down quite a bit up north here in canada. i wish we could relax on the beach regularly. this past monday we played beach vball to end the summer off with a bang :P

Richie Designs said...

yes the kids are ridiculously cute...all of them.

three sets of friends and their kiddies. All of them are set to star in the next Gap ads for certain.

I'm very partial to the blondie stairing up from me. Her name is Kira and is the tannest kid and the blondest I've ever seen.

The complete opposite from me!